January 5, 2011

New additions to the lab

A big Datta lab welcome to our two newest members - postdoctoral fellow Andrew Giessel and rotation student Alex Wiltschko. Andrew comes to us after a fantastic run as a graduate student doing synaptic physiology in Bernardo Sabatini's lab, and will work on in vivo optical imaging and electrophysiological characterization of behaviorally-relevant structures in the basal forebrain. He also rocks a sweet tattoo of a wheat stalk (recalling his Kansas roots) that looks just like a pyramidal neuron. Alex, who is joining a project to optogenetically manipulate olfactory cortex, hails from Texas and has as whole side career writing technical iPhone Apps (including an excellent spectral analyzer). Welcome to them both!

Alex performing bimanual molecular biology

Andrew thinking hard about what to image next

Congratulations to Paul Greer....

...for winning the Nancy Lurie Marks Foundation Fellowship! This award, which runs for three years, will be used to fund Paul's postdoctoral project developing in vivo approaches to identify specific odorant receptors for behaviorally-relevant scents.

Holiday Oyster-Fest

The end of the first full year of the Datta lab was celebrated in appropriate fashion - with lots and lots of raw seafood. Drinks were drunk and health advisories about water-borne parasites were ignored. We joined the Sabatini lab for after-dinner festivities at the bar adjacent to the restaurant, which included lots of early 80s rap and plenty of cheer. Happy Holidays everyone!

48 raw oysters
Dan and Paul, stunned the year is over.

Perfectly capturing the ethos of the lab....