April 8, 2011

One Hundred:

The number of pieces of Korean fried chicken eaten at Bon Chon to celebrate Stan's passing of his Preliminary Qualifying Exam and Dan Bear's joining the lab. Of note in this context, the chicken was evenly split between soy and spicy. Other relevant statistics: 7 (the number of lab members in attendance), 1:20 (the ratio between beer pitchers and chicken pieces consumed) and 1 (collective number of trivia questions answered correctly at the White Horse Tavern trivia night while the lab was sidled up to the bar after dinner).

A subset of the total lab allotment of chicken. You can almost
smell the deliciousness, no?

Dan and Stan after dinner. Dan is lucky he is
 looking at the camera. 

April 7, 2011

Graduate Students, Knocking It Out!!!

Big Ups to Dan Bear, who was recently awarded a three-year National Science Foundation fellowship to support his work in the lab on the transcriptomics of neurons in the olfactory system.  PIN student (and former roton) Alex Wiltschko also bagged one of the prizes. Per the NSF website, "The ranks of NSF Fellows include individuals who have made transformative breakthroughs in science and engineering research and have become leaders in their chosen careers and Nobel laureates."