A sad goodbye and two hellos

Masha, our incomparable lab manager, is leaving us for graduate school. Although she is blessedly not going too far - she secured admission to the Harvard Program in Neuroscience and will start in a few weeks - the loss of her sane presence in the lab will be keenly felt. She was the lab's first employee, and basically built the place from the ground up; we will miss her terribly and wish her only the best as she trains to become an independent scientist. We are joined by two new folks to help fill the hole that will be left when Masha departs: Sara Onvani, our new lab manager, who comes to us after getting her master's degree in cancer biology at the University of Toronto, and Allison Petrosino, a recent Wellesley College grad who studied computer science and neuroscience and will work as a technician. To celebrate Masha and her contributions to the lab we, at her suggestion, went to a Russian banquet hall, where, quite honestly, the only purpose of the food is to serve as a solute for the vodka. We will miss you, M!

Masha Before

Allison and Sara
Masha (and Alex) after