October 25, 2011

He passed, she joined, she got promoted, and we got scared...kinda

Dan Bear passed his PQE. Ally Nowlan, a recent UMass Amherst grad who did a thesis exploring the function of the technotrousers gene in zebrafish spinal neurons,  joined the lab as our new technician (filling the shoes of Allison, who recently got promoted to lab manager).  How, you ask, could we possibly celebrate these epic events in the wet and overly-sugared month of October? With a trip to the Fear at Fenway, a new local outpost for Spookyworld! While not nearly as amygdala-tickling as last year's trip to the actual Spookyworld, it did have one amazing surprise in the middle - as you exited the second haunted house through a claustrophobia-inducing tunnel, you were ejected onto the playing field at Fenway, a truly spectacular experience.

Dan, celebrating his good fortune, and
Ally, wondering whether her experience in
the Datta lab is going to be equally Spooky.
The lab, on the actual track behind center field in Fenway!

October 21, 2011

Carl Zimmer Shout-out!

Our old friend Carl Zimmer has just published a super-cool coffee table book of science tattoos called Science Ink (in which Bob is featured) -

- the book has also been featured on NPR's Studio 360, which interviewed Bob and a bunch of other tattooed scientists. The story can be heard here. Definitely check out the book - it is amazing how much cool ink is hidden away by lab coats!

UPDATE: More Science Ink coverage in the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, NPR's Science Friday and our personal favorite, the Times of India.