May 8, 2012

Datta Lab V1.1

So if you've stopped by the lab about a year ago you might have noticed something: it was crowded. Really really crowded. For complicated reasons when the lab opened it was half-size: perfect for getting started but not a lot of room to grow. Through the hard work and good faith of many, many people, the lab recently expanded. We now have plenty of space to work and grow and to do science in what the elder Dr. Datta would call the "proper manner." The new digs include a dedicated chemical and perfusion room, a 200 sq. ft. suite for odor-driven behavioral analysis, a tissue culture and surgical suite with a stereotax-dedicated hood, an imaging room with two 12-foot tables, and a bunch of molecular space in the main lab. This new space is really essential to scientific progress for the lab, and so thanks are due to those who made this possible: Michael Greenberg, Janine Zieg, Mark Rose, the folks in Building A, Danny and the Wescor guys, and both the Systems and Micro departments for being so understanding and flexible. The only bad thing about this is that it comes as part of a massive rearrangement of labs on the Harvard Quad, which means we will soon lose our good friends in the Starnbach lab as our neighbors (sniff...). Please come by and check it out - we love to show visitors around!

View of the main lab from the new side to the old.

New picture window with fancy pants PCR machines.

Inverse light cycle behavioral suite
Imaging room with the backs of the two multiphoton rigs - calcium imaging rig on second table.

View into new TC/Surgery room. Now Tari can listen to KISS108 in peace.

A Night At the Movies!

Basically this was a two-fer - Tari Tan totally crushed her PQE (one reviewer called it a "model defense") on her project working on behaviorally relevant circuits in the peripheral olfactory system, and, as if we needed an excuse, the Harvard-themed science movie Losing Control opened (confession: the director of the movie, Valerie Weiss, was a classmate of Bob's in graduate school). So we decamped to Kendall Square, got sloshed cheering Tari's good fortune and skill, and, well, most of us made it through the movie. One way or another, a good time was had by all - congrats Tari!