January 6, 2013

Happy Holidays 2012!

A crazy Datta Lab 2012 it has definitely been - overall the science has taken a fortuitous left turn into a strange, unexplored and really interesting place, and we have been joined in our efforts in the wilderness by a bunch of talented new folks from across the globe (more about them to come!). At celebrate all the hard work for our holiday party we decamped to a Teppan-Yaki-style restaurant before joining, as is traditional, the Stevens and Sabatini labs at Eastern Standard for further dipsomaniacal debauchery; all you need to know is that the phrase "More Sake More Fun!" was uttered more than once, and that Bob can only drink for about 4 seconds from a squirt bottle. Others did significantly better! Best wishes from all of us for a great and productive 2013!
Jonny is Judas