Happy Brain Awareness Week 2016!!!!

As anyone who has visited the lab knows, a ton of the power under the hood comes from Northeastern Co-op students; this great program brings undergraduates from our neighbor on Huntington Avenue into the lab for stints that last from three months to years — one of the things we are proudest of is that these undergraduates become a key part of the scientific process, and participate fully in projects from conception to completion. So when the NE Co-ops asked Bob to be a guest speaker at the NE Brain Awareness Week he jumped! Sure, Taco Bell was eaten, a lecture was given, questions were answered, and shout-outs were given to all the NE students who work so hard in lab. But then the tables turned, and everyone went out to the local UG bar around the corner. Just for reference, that thing that we are all doing with the shot glasses that are glued to a ski....is called a shotski! Who knew?

Brain Awareness Cake

Yes, there was an actual lecture. Here Bob gestures the letter C because Neurobiology is Cool!

About halfway through.

Shotski with  Natasha, Joe, Bob and Ralph