Dr. Tan!

Congratulations to Tari Tan for successfully defending her thesis! Tari did an amazing job explaining her work on the structure and function of the necklace olfactory system. We won't even try to summarize Tari's tenure in the lab, but her hard work, integrity, insight and sense of joy played an crucial role in making the lab what it is in spirit and in science. She has single-handedly re-written our thinking about the structural basis of olfactory perception - keep a weather-eye out for her work in the next few months, and you'll see what we mean :) We would bemoan her absence from our lives, but she is taking a job as the curriculum fellow for the Program in Neuroscience — she is going to be in charge of modernizing the way graduate students at Harvard learn about the brain — and she'll be continuing (at least for a while) in the lab on the side. So this is not so much goodbye as it is a congratulations on an amazing job! Here's to the newly minted Dr. Tan!

Tari making fun of Bob...
...and Bob emphasizing how much Tari loves the Pats!

Post-defense cake

Since robes won't be worn until the Spring, this will have to do for now

Happy Graduation Tari!